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'Sane' is the first single commercial single release of Daco Junior released internationally on 27th of December 2010.

Daco Junior was born in Angola, in south-central Africa twenty years ago. The fam moved to Northern Europe, Finland when Daco was just a young boy. Talented youngster soon learned the way to express himself through the music and found his speciality in rapping.

While studying in High School Daco started to create his own music and earning some pocket money by playing gigs where ever he could find one. He soon gathered a small but enthusiastic group of followers and became one of the most well known young artists in his home town.

Dacos multicultural background has always treated the people especially in Northern Finland where a young rapper from Angola was not an everyday basis.

- I have had my share of dismissing, but I have learned to keep my chin up and look beyond the close minded people, Daco says.

- Just keep on doing what your heart tells you to do, respect to your fellow people and smile. You will soon find out that the world is yours for the taking.

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released December 27, 2010



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Daco Junior London, UK

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Track Name: Sane
Lyrics by Sebastian Da Costa, Ola Salo
Track Name: Sane (7 am Club Remix)
Lyrics by Sebastian Da Costa, Ola Salo.
Track Name: Sane (Deepnlow & SysteMattiK on Acid Remix)
Lyrics by Sebastian Da Costa.